Power of Love

There's a saying  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; Love can do that.”
The most powerful weapon in the world is Love. It is capable of making peace as well as war too! We can win any war with love, either it's with others or ourselves. We all have powerful weapon, but the only thing which we don't have is the intelligence to use that weapon. That weapon is Love. Those who masters the use of this weapon wins the world even without hurting anyone physically, because with love we can harm someone mentally. That's why love is a slow poison. We get to know about the harm only when it affects our mind and we don't have any way to come over. This is the weapon most powerful personalities of the world had used to win over others.
Ever wonder how someone can control someone's thinking or how the intelligent people use this weapon against others!! They create an illusion of love for others, so people thought they are giving love, but who knows they are doing nothing else than pretending to give it, and it affects other person's mind and person get convinced. most oftenly women try to convince men with this technique.
So we have to master the power of Love to make others work for us. For this we just have to present our inner feelings in a bit different way to make others feel that we are very much pleased with their work, efforts and we are impressed with them. Make others pleased with love that they're the only one who can do this for you. They will definitely give a positive reaction to your questions.
Stay happy, Stay blessed!!


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